Wedding symbolics off hazelnuts is even feature to many other photographs whether or not right here broadly depending so you’re able to intimate connotation

In the Lithuanian group songs near to these photos a stable, decidedly connotated meaning of hazelnuts (like a definite intimate connotation of your own fruit) exists, that’s truthfully delineated because of the A good

Uzmitiko, uzhdereja Mature and you can adult was
kalni rieshuteliai. hazelnuts toward slope.
Numiskysiu, nubraskysiu I will find, I could collect
kalni rieshutelius. hazelnuts to your mountain.
Sumidejau, sumiskyniau I did select, I did gather
kalni rieshuteliu. hazelnuts with the hill.
Sister 347.

For the Lithuanian someone music alongside these images a reliable, decidedly connotated concept of hazelnuts (like a definite sexual meaning of the apple) is present, which is accurately delineated because of the A great

– Pasakyki, motinele, – Let me know excite, mom,
kaip vilioti bernuzheli how can a lad feel lured?
– Su raudonu obuoleliu, – By a red-colored fruit,
su rieshuto branduoleliu. by a hazelnut’s kernel.
LTR twenty-eight(99).

In addition, an effective hazel or an excellent hazelnut having zero deep society for the Russian men and women poetry be more popular into the relationship songs simply, where in fact the a symbol sense of a great hazelnut can’t be put on top of that away from a fruit (each other getting a marriage introduce) (Avtamonov -94). Case from hazelnuts in Lithuanian musical where a custom regarding managing subscribers having hazelnuts (including which have apples, fruits, along with implying specific ritual objective) in the match-makings is additionally searched:

Inside Lithuanian anyone songs near to these photos a steady, extremely connotated concept of hazelnuts (similar to a very clear sexual meaning of one’s apple) prevails, that is correctly delineated from the Good

– Gerkit, sveteliai – Drink delight, traffic,
dai zhaiui vyneli, this green wine,
valgykit, sveteliai, assist yourselves excite, traffic,
rieshutu branduolelius. so you’re able to hazelnut kernels.
LTR 2885 (168).

The definition in the picture in the community of the distinctions can often be considered, we.age. synonymous interactions established one of several forest pictures out of close a symbol advantages (an effective hazel and you may an excellent snowball tree, such as):

Inside Lithuanian folks audio next to these types of pictures a steady, distinctly connotated concept of hazelnuts (similar to a clear intimate connotation of one’s fruit) exists, which is truthfully delineated of the A great

Vandrauna mergele A nimble maiden
vandravo po giria, wandered regarding tree.
Pirmanakt nakvojo She passed the initial night
po lazdu (putino) krumelio. under a good hazel (below a great snowball forest).
da neishaush New beginning
neshviesi aushrele, which have maybe not started,
pervaznyka shauke- she asked ferryman
perkels for each and every Dunojo when deciding to take this lady along the Danube.
LTR 2015 (9).

During the synchronous moments the latest association of the talked about hazel meaning was together with featured. Concurrently, new found semantic element seems to be foreign to the poetical meaning of your own hazel in the sutartines.

Grushnia, kriaushe, dule ‘pear tree’ (Pirus communis). Regarding dated crab-pear forest was in fact developed and you can provided care in order to inside orchards (Dendrology ). Grushe, grushnia (the latter variant is much more frequent inside tunes) was loan-terms and conditions obtained from Russian (Buga ); kriaushe,- a Prussian mortgage-phrase (Buga ); dule is a term indicating a kind of a good pear tree, which has are available in the Russian language (ibid. ). Dule is supposed, are one of many forest labels afterwards which have changed its denotation. Dule is the reason brand-new definition is svarainio medis ‘a quince tree’, however, afterwards a great pear forest is actually named immediately following it.

Students think about the religious meaning from a beneficial pear tree alternatively brand spanking new. “Grushnia otherwise kriaushe is not a normal fruit-tree, although the mythological definition continues to be unknown, however, its relevance within the religious cause try doubtless” (Greimas ). Along with, A great. Greimas keeps there is sufficient soil for an effective brownie and you may an excellent pear tree thread become tracked (ibid. 98).

When you look at the Lithuanian musical of the schedule duration a distinctive pear forest picture is revealed (Vidury dvaro palavu krumas ‘In the middle of a mansion an excellent plant from Paulownia tomentosa’ (Kl 30); Vidury lauko grushnele stovi ‘In the middle of an area an excellent pear forest grows’ (Kl 340); specific personal variations with this specific forest inside musical Kl 488, 491, 222). Unusual semantics ones music has already caught the fresh new scholars’ eye that songs was presumed having come, most probably, hymns from ritual origin, the latest live fragments at which can be scarcely become interpreted since much (Greimas ). Lately this type of images try associated with this new conception out of the country design (Laurinkiene 1990; Velius ).