Percy is within school when he hears unusual looks and you will areas Clarisse Los angeles Rue outside

Percy Jackson additionally the Taken Chariot

Clarisse has been attacked by arrow-tossing birds. Percy becomes themselves exempt of class and you can would go to assist Clarisse to see as to the reasons she actually is truth be told there. Clarisse is surprised, and not pleased to select him.

Adopting the a couple of her or him enjoys beaten this new wild birds, Clarisse unwillingly agrees to inform Percy why she is not during the Go camping 50 % of-Bloodstream. Clarisse shows that this woman is said to be handling Ares’ Conflict chat room canadian Chariot, and needs to have it back once again to Ares’ temple of the sunset. However, the girl immortal brothers, Deimos and you may Phobos (gods from scary and you can anxiety correspondingly) possess taken the chariot. Phobos concerns taunt Clarisse and gives them a sign about how to locate the newest chariot. Along with her, Percy and Clarisse need go to find the chariot in the Staten Isle Zoo.

On the ways, they run into Deimos, that is operating a sea serpent, nonetheless they easily overcome both the minor goodness and the water monster and you can keep on its way. At zoo, it discover the chariot and you will deal with both minor gods once more. Phobos and you will Deimos let you know Percy and you will Clarisse its worst anxieties, which can be Go camping Half-Bloodstream and his family unit members into the fire and you can Ares respectively. Of the conquering new illusions, however, Percy and you will Clarisse effortlessly defeat the two minor gods (it turns out that Phobos and you may Deimos is each other very weak when you look at the battle as opposed to their vitality off worry and you may scary).

Eventually, just as sunset was fading, Percy and you will Clarisse provide the new chariot to help you Ares’ Forehead towards the Intrepid, an aircraft company. Percy claims Clarisse which he cannot share with anyone in the the lady terrible fear. He also says to this lady that throughout the vision one Phobos shown him-from what he feared extremely-Clarisse is actually included among Percy’s family relations.

Percy Jackson and Bronze Dragon

Percy and you may Charles Beckendorf take a similar party to possess Capture the fresh Banner, and also the a few war god compartments (Athena and you may Ares cabins) and Aphrodite Cabin are on the other. Beckendorf, a guy off Hephaestus, keeps a comparatively shameful conversation throughout the lady (as he keeps a not-so-secret smash toward Silena Beauregard for three decades) and you will thinks Percy should query out Annabeth Chase with the fireworks.

It go-off towards woods and encounter a big Myrmekes anthill. Silena and you will Annabeth bring Percy, if you are Beckendorf fees straight in the future into ant swarm when he attempts to get back a large bronze dragon’s direct, however, quickly was bitten about toes and it has acidic saliva inside the deal with.

It in the end have the monster already been (a dragon with no wings) that’s an automaton and have it to assist Beckendorf. It bursts unlock the new ants’ nest in addition to ants all of the attack the newest dragon. At the same time, Percy, Annabeth, and Silena dart regarding the anthill due to tunnels and you may compartments complete from firearms, armour, and precious jewelry and all sorts of a manner off most other miracle factors as they discover and possess Beckendorf right back out. After they emerge and begin fleeing, Beckendorf conserves this new tan dragon out of being ripped apart from the tens of thousands of Myrmekes of the triggering its’ ultimate defense system which causes the new dragon to blast arcs from bluish stamina throughout its’ body.

Pursuing the demigods find yourself seeing the latest dragon drive the rest Myrmekes to its anthill the dragon places them and you may transforms berserk to them. Percy distracts the fresh new dragon up to Beckendorf could access it brand new dragon’s back and briefly deactivates it. Silena is extremely alleviated you to definitely Beckendorf was live, and if he asks their to the fireworks, she cheerfully allows brand new invite.