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That’s why many promiscuous women market themselves as independent strong queen bees and mothers of the earth and all that nonsense lol. They’re earthly embodiments of the mother goddess whore of babylon and refer to themselves as goddesses or even gods. This is the advice I would teach my own sons . Avoiding close relationships with promiscuous insecure females does NOT rule out praying for the precious struggling women. The ideas in your article are for PROTECTION and not alienation or judgement. I rejoice that there are those that write about and read these truths .


Not a single one, not even about being ‘crafty’. You see, I was raised in a Southern Baptist home and was taught to save myself for marriage, which I did. I entered a relationship at 18 and it ended 15 years later, after substantial emotional, verbal, and psychological abuse, with occasional physical abuse sprinkled in here and there. Once it ended, I really didn’t know what to do.

I’ve dealt with girls who tried to find faults that weren’t there and I had a real good laugh afterwards. Yes, there will be girls who genuinely like you, and they’ll be eager to start something special together. But you need to be aware of the other scenario too. People get burned all the time by making hasty choices. And it’s a known manipulation tactic to rush people into big decisions.

There’s a scene in Insecure that will stay with me long past the groundbreaking HBO series’ end this Sunday. An overachieving, high-performing attorney, her life has recently been upended by a devastating family medical emergency. She shuts her eyes and sniffs the spliff with sweet anticipation. “Well, we got you, because today is all about letting you decompress,” says Issa. A 2018 randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study – the gold standard – found no benefit from CBD on sleep in healthy volunteers. Other studies have also found high rates of insomnia when withdrawing from nightly use of marijuana.

For those simply looking for sex

I could go on more about the projecting, gas lighting and love bombing and lying, but this is long enough. This is a really excellent article that is really eloquently written. As someone that has recently let God more into their life I just have to point out that the tone of its rigidity is a bit abrasive. Maybe it’s just because I am a woman with somewhat of a promiscuous past, but feel like that’s exactly what it is — my past. I have gone through a huge transformation spiritually and I don’t even feel like that is a part of who I am anymore because I dug deep and did a lot of healing and trauma understanding.

I have briefly tried, but I cannot live the casual lifestyle. Satan wants to destroy this corner stone of a healthy society. Promiscous females’ PEA & Oxytocin brain chemicals are DEPLETED after 3 or 4 sexual unions, and they are then physically INCAPABLE to deeply bond with their future husbands. I totally agree with you and I see how rap songs like the one from Cardi B and Megan the stallion where they talk about their . Your article has great tips to screen out the bad ones.

Most guys don’t pursue, the girl flirts/chases them. Love, real love, is the combination of unconditional acceptance with unconditional freedom, because people change and grow whether want them to or not. See these women do not know anything about what they are talking about, and neither do they care.

That’s why they hate the Bible and even no Christian religious principles. The Bible highlights how there life choices are bad and in some cases even abominable. In a nutshell they’re promoting the thelema principle of do as thou wilt which is literally a satanic principle. People who adhere to that fail to realize that just because evil coexists with good doesn’t mean that evil is justifiable. This spills into the “universe vibes” rhetoric.

Relationship Problems You Might Face If Your Partner Doesn’t Smoke Weed

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Regulated Cannabis10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Regulated Cannabis10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Regulated CannabisBuying cannabis on the street offers no guarantees. Medical-use cannabis or recreational-use cannabis on the black mark … Smoking weed leads to psychological and physical escape, stronger for some than for others. Any relationship enjoys the occasional escape from daily or unexpected stress and pain. Black market or white, the product costs money. Above ground prices include heavy taxes and considerable overhead.