Imagine your just walking around with the realtor and you just start banging the walls ha. Go to showings when it’s rainy as heck, then check out the basement. Fight boredom with iPhones and iPads here. They intentionally make themselves available to their clients — and, in all likelihood, to their significant others. Real estate agents are self-motivated, driven to succeed in a difficult field of work. For realtors, beauty is more than skin deep.

When the sellers have stuff hung on the walls in places no one would EVER hang stuff, they may be covering up damage from a decade-long termite infestation. USA realtor equally angry at both parties — as long as he doesn’t officially know he’s not obliged to mention . So if she hadn’t pointed out he could have continued even though he knows the score when he sees weird basement works.

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So ALWAYS check the area of your new house thoroughly and not just with your Estate Agent. I’d say wait until the professional relationship is over to ask her out. Asking her out at this point could create an uncomfortable situation which honestly might make her reject you even if she might’ve said yes. Or make her say yes when she wants to say no. Basically, you could really put some stress on her if you don’t wait till she is done being your real estate agent. In Hungary even an agency is involved, it’s the owner who is paying their fee.

Look for efflorescence on any concrete, stone or brick. Also look for any cracks that are larger than 1/4 of an inch. Look for lifted shingles, popped nails or any damage to the roof. You can make a good guess at the age of a shingled roof by looking at the space between the tabs or on architectural shingles the amount of grit left on the shingles.

With that being said, Bored Panda invites you to look through some of the most interesting tips we managed to find. It’s not slow where I live houses in my price range are generally gone in just a couple of days. Maybe higher end markets are slow or different parts of the country?

A friend of mine couldn’t understand why her Estate Agent wouldn’t take her to see a house on a particular day usually a Thursday as she had to go there a few times to measure up for curtains and furniture. When they did go they went a much longer route than was necessary. The first time the agent said it was to see the area she would be living in. But she couldn’t understand it the other times.

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Huge crack in the foundation running from the floor, diagonally across the entire foundation and up to the ceiling. I’m not sure if this is still the case, but when I was looking to buy in late 2020/early 2021, the agents I spoke to specifically wanted proof of preapproval/prequalification before they’d move forward at all. It made sense at the time, since the market was red-hot and agents didn’t want to be spending their time with people who might not be able to purchase the properties they were looking at. United Property Expo is a large-scale international exhibition attended by thousands of private investors, leading global developers and brokers. The event provides an opportunity to discuss the issues of buying and renting property abroad, get professional advice on taxes, mortgage, property investment and management. Yes, since Germany attracts a large number of foreign and domestic investors who are looking for high-quality and highly profitable real estate.

Prices are comparable to similar towns and cities in the UK and France, although fees can run up to ten percent of the cost of the property. Looking for serviced apartments through an estate agent is the best bet, particularly if you don’t speak German. Leases start at six months, but are usually on a yearly basis. Australia’s property market has often been labelled as a joke, due to the ridiculous nature of derelict houses being sold for exorbitant amounts of money. News that he was in new relationship, two weeks after announcing his divorce from his husband of five years. While he didn’t name Andrew at the time, he shared that the two first crossed paths professionally five years ago but nothing turned romantic until his marriage ended.

My Grandfather sold Real Estate for decades. The 1st two things he looked for was the roof and the furnace. If either were too old or looked like a possible replacement was needed soon then it’s something to consider (most first time home buyers can’t afford to replace in first couple years, and many older homeowners would rather not either). Turns out there’s only one cell tower to serve the surrounding neighborhood of 200+ houses and since it’s next to a neighboorhood of million dollar homes they can’t get the approval to put in another one so I’m SOL.

Also they never went if there was more than a strong breeze blowing. When she moved in she realised what the Agent was doing. He was trying to avoid her seeing the rather large abattoir that was just off the road that was the shortest route to her house . Thankfully she found all this out before she decided to buy the house.

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“If there is one thing I can say about both of us, it’s that we both gave everything we absolutely could to make this work,” Bobbywrote on Instagram. “Unfortunately, as we have learned, sometimes love isn’t enough.” Error occurred when generating embed.

Also, check cars in the neighborhood. If htey’re in your price range, odds are, the house will be . Not an agent but I can tell you read the termite paperwork very carefully. I bought a house full of termites that came with paperwork from an exterminator. It took three re-treatments to get rid of them and I had to pay to replace a lot of wood myself. If the upstairs and downstairs have different corners, like rounded bullnose upstairs and square downstairs, the basement probably wasn’t finished by the builder.

It’s been like this for forever, and it’s about 17 years old now, and the only problems we’ve had was with foundation because we live at the top of a hill of “soil” . As a construction guy, please please PLEASE check the attic. People buy houses and never check the actual AC. If you go up there and smell a burnt smell, or see big silvery tubes that look crumpled, those are issues. If your realtor says “built to code”, that means they made the building as crappy as legally possible. He probably doesn’t live in his parents’ basement.

If there are air fresheners anywhere be suspicious, look for them in the vents if the vents are in the ceiling. If they are present they have possibly had water issues in the ductwork. MyDatingAdvisor Also if the house is on a slab look in the ducts in the slab to see if there is water or any evidence of water. Look for rust on the water heater and the breaker box.