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Which fits, given its largely historical setting. Those into the splatterpunk thing should enjoy this quick novella well enough, and anyone with a love for the bandaged ones should have fun. CANAAN manages to entertain despite its standard monster-romp set up and how easy this ancient curse is defeated.

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“Strega” brings us to Tuscany, where another couple is attempting to enjoy a belated honeymoon. Elliot’s older, a professional, previously divorced, prides himself on his intelligence and education; Jen is almost half his age, a former dancer, more interested in shopping than history and archaeology. After an unpleasant encounter with an old local woman and a day trip with their handsome tour guide, Elliot isn’t sure if he’s being cheated on or cursed.

Each story also features a small introduction, and mood-setting/amplifying quotes throughout to enhance the impact. This was a great display of the author’s extreme versatility. ‘Nightingale’, the last known survivor of a notorious inferno that took place in 1910 gets interviewed and unleashes the dark and grim secrets of what really happened on that fateful night. In ‘A New Man’, a man has the internet to thank in more ways than one for teaching him the ways of transorbital lobotomies as he himself becomes an entirely new man. A suspenseful blend of horror, noir, and southern gothic gets this show off to a solid start.


We drink large holiday cans of Stella Artois® as we discuss Almond milk, Films of 2014, Highschool make-out spots, and New Year’s Resolutions. We rock the balls off 2014 with a rumbling cut from Tilts with “Thomas Jefferson II” and a boombox-worthy cut from hip-hop artist Bloodshot with “Goodmornin”. We have a special holiday public service announcement for your physical, financial, and mental health. Greg Walloch joins the cast for the fourth installment of the burgerings. Jackie, Dan, Kyle and Greg are all put to shame as Tikku hits the nail on the head with his Sixty Second Story Time, and a few things you might have missed on the internet.

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Chambers gets a bit extreme in ‘The Driver, Under a Cheshire Moon,’ as he slowly reveals what our Driver is up to. While we’re told in this book’s introduction the author is big on opening lines, this is another entry to feature a great ending you probably won’t figure out. In ‘Lost Daughters,’ a Good Samaritan finds himself at the mercy of three mysterious young women who seem to know a little too much about his family. Great suspense level considering it’s one of the shorter pieces here. All that, plus Stephen Kozeniewski, Gabino Iglesias, Lucas Mangum, AND many more?

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Still, it was entertaining and held my interest, and I read the whole thing. Sheriff Elmer Avant, widely regarded as a bumbling idiot, is far more concerned with stuffing his face, taking it easy, and making passes at pretty blondes at the bar. His new deputy, recently relocated from the big city, is another matter. Jack McMann, overcoming his own troubled past, is determined to solve the crimes. Or it could turn into something even weirder, as they notice the same figure appearing again and again … a woman in a Serpentine concert shirt, whose behavior proves strikingly unlike the other undead. She was a big fan who never got her fondest wish, and now someone is hoping to make her post-mortem dreams come true.

The book itself is ten years old and was originally in Danish, so this is its English-translation ebook debut. There are a few places in the language, word use, and references where it shows, but only a few, and in a way that adds to rather than detracts from, giving it a refreshingly unique tone. And of course the titular “screechers” … but go with me, here.

We get just enough backstory and tantalizing foreshadow to hint at further story developments as the series progresses, but without any sort of chosen/destined one vibes. ‘The Maw’ finds an elderly man hiring a young girl to guide him through a city that has become a doorway to hell. Some images here will immediately get under your skin. I had read ‘The Visible Filth’ back in 2015 when it was released as a stand alone novella, and it made me an instant fan of the author.